Thursday, July 15, 2010


On a short notice last week we decided to go to Worlds of Fun.  It was great!  With the exception of the bigger roller coaster rides, there were no lines.  The majority of the day we could just stay on the ride and ride again!

Rhett was a great help on this day.  He is still short enough that they will allow him on all the rides at Camp Snoopy.  So he was able to "help out" with the girls.  I think this may be the only photo that you see him enjoy his "helping out".

Gabi just ran up to Snoopy & Friends!  She hugged Linus!  Halle was absolutely terrified of them.  And of course the boys were too old for Snoop.  This makes me sad, I remember when the boys loved Camp Snoopy!

Perhaps we should not of made poor Rhett get on this one with the girls.  His poor knees are hitting the dash!

Gabi giggled & squealed all the way through this ride!

Ya, Sheldon's favorite ride is Camp Snoopy Bus! 
(Really the kids are in there too, somewhere)

Sheldon and Gabi are in the corner of this pic.

It did sprinkle a little on this day.  So we spent quite awhile in the Ball House.

We try to take a pic of all the kids in this spot every time we visit!
It was a fun day!!!

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