Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We had our first football game this weekend!  We didn't win, but what a great time we had!  They played a good game against a good team.  Luke is enjoying football.   Mom and Dad are enjoying watching!

                                                Great job Luke and Tiger team!

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Niece

Tenley Janelle

Of course we all took our turns lovin on this sweet baby girl!
The kids were "pretty" good, considering we left home at 5:30AM to make the trip to Grand Island.
Ms. Gabi has really become interested in taking pictures.  She took my camera and here are some of her shots!  It brings the phrase - if you give a kid a camera.... to mind.

She took  a pic of her Aunt Sarah (Tenley's mom)
She looks great!
Gabi's close up of Grandma Jo
Colby (Tenley's daddy)
Nope she's not zooming, just REALLY close!
This one is HILARIOUS!  I think he is stretching???
I think I'm tying shoes when she snapped this one.
Tenley's socks
The bathroom (just glad nobody was in it )
She really likes her new shoes!
She had quite a few pics similar to this one, her shoes being the subject.
Gabi's view for the 3 hour car ride.  She took so many pics.  She looked them over with me.  She seems to remember each shot and what her purpose was!  I was impressed!!!

I think she has nearly tripled in size.  Still loves the kids!  Still very much a puppy (chewing, clumbsy, noisy)
AND ALWAYS HUNGRY!  (just like a fifth child)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to School

Today was the boys first day back to school.  Both were bummed that summer is over, but still excited to return to school. 

Rhett is happy to be a big 3rd grader at Lincoln.   His teacher taught Sheldon and I, in junior high!  He is also in my same 3rd grade classroom.  (If you know Rhett, you know that he just simply shrugged his shoulders after hearing those interesting facts.) 

Luke is excited to be going to a new school.  He is now a 4th grader! He also has a great teacher!

Gabi will get to start preschool in a few weeks.  It is all she talks about!