Monday, June 21, 2010


We have had quite a few thunderstorms come through the area this weekend.  There was a lot of strong wind gusts involved.  Saturday mornings storm came and left pretty quick.  It also left us with a mess.  It took our smaller shed and the kids trampoline. This is our third time of trying to have a trampoline out here.  There probably won't be a fourth.
We still managed to have a great Father's Day weekend.   We took Dad for ice cream on Sunday.  It left us with a different kind of mess.  Yes we have four kids and still can not figure out that ice cream in a car is a no-no!
It was gooood!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Princess Camp

Gabi attended Princess Camp for 3 days this week.  She had so much fun!  They learned little dances, read princess stories, crafts, and Gabi's favorite "snacks".  It was so adorable to watch!  I brought my camera in on the last day.  Oh how I want a new camera.  I did manage to catch a few good pics though.  My camera is a Kodak, nothing great.  I have had a lot of blurry pics when it comes to capturing my active kids.  It, or possibly it's operator has trouble with the flash.  I think if I turn it on - it should stay on for the next couple of shots.  However it never does and it never takes consistently good pics.  Anyway I'll keep saving for one while trying to figure out which camera is good at taking action shots, reasonably priced, and easy to operate.  Enjoy Gabi's princess moments, they don't happen often!
Notice this pic probably should of flashed, but didn't.
Ok here starts the blurriness!  She is the taller one in this pic.  I know not a good pic.  But look at her on her tip toes and her arms up.  Ahh  I really want  have a dancing little girl!
and then comes the dark pics!  So frustrating!  This is better of the other 5 I'm not posting.  On the others you just see that there is something in the pic.  Frustrating because she grabbed on to our neighbor Adalyn.  It was too cute!  I might have to re stage that pic!
Gabi's pals in this pic Adalyn ( in the pink shorts) and Alexa (purple dress)

Finally got flash on and stayed on prior to snapping pic!
Another good one (notice they are holding still and I got flash to come on)
This is Princess Gabi with Princess Alexa (she is a cutie)!   And of course lil Princess Halle at the edge!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

More of Halle's B-day pics

Ms. Halle Elizabeth

Can't believe that this sassy lil thing is TWO!  Happy Birthday to my sweet girl Halle.  We love that you are so mighty!  What you are lacking in size you make up for with BIG personality.  You might not be the loudest child, but you always know exactly what you want.  Your qualities are endless: your kind, sweet, loving, independent, smart, and so much more.  You love to keep your siblings in line and your mom's tattler.  Oh how could I forget your the spittin image of Gr. Bette!

Monday, June 7, 2010


We decided at the last minute this last week to go to Omaha zoo.  We started taking the boys when they were little and had routinely gone every summer.  Every summer until baby #4 came that is.  So we did not go for almost 2 years.  The boys were very excited to hear we were going.  They begin reminiscing about all the things they liked or remembered.  Sheldon and I had to laugh because the boys would of sworn that just dad took them to the zoo.  Oh and they had proof to back it up!  Mom was missing in all the previous years of zoo pics!  Well we were changing that this time, mom is in some pictures!

It was really a great day.  We got there shortly after they opened and spent close to 7 HOURS there!  Lots of walking, but lots of fun too!  Some of the kiddos favorites were:
  • The tiger with only 3 legs (this amazed the boys and they talked about it FOREVER)
  • The new Madagascar exhibit
  • The new Skyrider (ski lift type of ride to get great views of zoo)
  • GOATS (I really felt sorry for the poor things with our girls um "petting"  with sticks)
  • Sharks
  • Bears  (loved the polar bear, so cute & then there was this bear that climbed up this tree & stared at the kids who were posing for pics - he even smiled when they said "cheese"
  • Train ride

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today the girls wanted to have a outside tea party.  The weather was perfect and it was great!  I love that Gabi has more girly moments when cousin Janae visits.  It is days like today that I really feel so grateful to have time at home with my children.  I am truly blessed!  These girls are so much FUN!!!