Sunday, July 18, 2010


This morning I finally got my hubby to run with me!  I was so excited he agreed.  Now I should of been excited he agreed because it meant that he would be taking interest in improving his own health or perhaps wanting spend more time with me.  But I was just excited for him to be there for protection!  I keep telling him that I'm almost scared to run on our road because of the abundant wildlife. Not to mention the tall corn it can hide in.  His answer has always been take Roscoe (our dog) and you'll be fine.

Well today we are running down the road with Roscoe.  Roscoe does as he normally does, stays out in front and occasionally veers off into the fields.  I can't remember what exactly we were talking about, but  Sheldon looks towards the field and then back to me.  "MMOOVE" he says.  (Ok if any of you know me well at all - you know at this moment I'm ready to pee my pants and frantically looking for a pole, a tree ,anything or body that I can climb)  I was not sure what was coming, but I knew by the tone of his voice I'd better move and do it quick.  At that moment a buck jumps out of the field right at us!  Roscoe is of course chasing him!  Thank goodness Sheldon had gotten a glimpse of him coming thru the corn heading straight toward us and managed to get out a quick MMOOVE. We kept running and watch as our dog (who is half greyhound) chased this buck off into a tree line.

Now I do have to give Sheldon credit, he was right!  Sort of right, Roscoe will search out any threat of wildlife.  However he just might chase them right out of that corn and closer to me!


  1. Yikes Danelle! I would have been looking for a tree to climb too! We have a lot of 'stray' dogs over here. You never know when one is going to come running, so I'm always strategically planning my escape route as I walk :)

  2. Oh that's just funny and scary at the same time! I too have the fear of running by myself around our "backroads." I'm more afraid of a pack of dogs or coyotes, but now I can add large bucks to my list of fears. Maybe we should just run with bells on, to scare off any animals.