Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I forgot to blog on a very important day.  On Sunday my #2 child, Rhett turned 8 years old.  Oh Rhett, my sweet easy going boy!   Like anybody that knows Rhett would need proof of how laid back this boy is, but here is some recent highlights.  #3(sorry but I LOVE countdowns)  Rhett earned his way to state wrestling this year in a heart racing match.  He was loosing going into the third period and still manages a comeback to win!  He comes off the mat, I am shaking and have proud tears in my eyes.  He did not gloat, nor did he jump for joy.  He simply asks for a drink.  #2  He is opening his presents from family.  He quickly unwraps every gift and at the end politely tells everyone thank you.  He has no expression of excitement and yet no look of disappointment.  Just pure contentment.  #1 (which also qualifies me for mother of the year award, again)  On Monday, (note this is the day following his birthday)  Luke walks through the room where Rhett is watching tv and says" mom, you didn't even get Rhett a present."  I did, uh..... Oh shoot!  Rhett doesn't get worked up in any way and just responds " did you get me anything mom?"  Of course I had gotten him something prior to his birthday and had it stashed away, I just forgot about getting it out!  He did get his present (only a day late) and I think I'll even get him something extra too!
Rhett you are truly a blessing!  Each day you amaze me.  We love you to the moon and back!

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