Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Party Time

We had Rhett's birthday party with his friends this weekend.  What a fun time we had!  We started the day off by making the "world's largest" sundae.  Each of the kids got to put on a topping.  It was great!

Then we had a Skittel search.  We had put 5 skittels on a plate and covered with cool whip.  They had to find there skittels without using there hands.  It was so funny to watch them.

Next it was Summer Snowballs.  We placed flour in snack size baggies.  We had cut small holes in the bags and had not fully sealed them.  They definitely made a poof of "snow" on impact.  We followed that with a silly string fight!

Finally we  finished our fun and messy day with water!  We had water balloon fights and played on the slip-n-slide!  Check out are pics below.

Thanks to my mom who filled a gazillion water balloons and as always was Halle's entertainer!

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